Invitation to Contribute to the IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine’s ‘Open Column’
The CAS society has been at the forefront of many significant advances in electrical and electronics engineering, and continues to spawn new advances. To further accentuate technical contributions by members of the society, the Circuits and Systems magazine is initiating a new column, entitled ‘Open Column’ where Chairs of Technical Committees are invited to submit articles. This column presents an opportunity for the chairs of Technical Committees to delineate some of the issues addressed by researchers in their specific research areas, including open problems along with the present and future challenges. It is hoped that this column will be a column where new and expert researchers will read an overview of the research in various fields and seek new topics for research, and stimulate new research areas.
The column editors are Professor Joseph Chang,, Professor Robert Newcomb, and Professor Stephen Wong, Please direct all correspondences to Professor Joseph Chang.
The general guidelines for submission may be found at:
The column manuscript specification is up to 6 printed IEEE pages, or up to 12 manuscript pages (1.5 pt between lines and 0.9” margins) including up to 15 references and maximum of 5 figures. Time Roman's 12 fonts or Arial’s 11 fonts. Shorter (concise) titles are better and have a better chance to be selected to appear on the CAS cover.
The submission should include the following in a zip file:
- .doc file of the manuscript
- .pdf file corresponding to the .doc
- each figure in .jpg
- each figure in .pdf (or pdf file with all figures)
- contact info of the corresponding author in a text file or .doc file
- copyright form (; fill in the first page with the title and authors, sign BY HAND, date BY HAND, scan into a .pdf file and include in the zip)
The zip file should contain ALL files listed above. Submit the zip file via email to Professor Joseph Chang,
If you wish to alert CASS members about the meetings sponsored or organized by your Technical Committees, please send information to the Editor-in-Chief (